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Wakatobi is definitely one of the top diving destinations . The inner reef by itself offers some beautiful dives and holds many surprises even if you dive on a regular basis. Biologists and underwater photographers rave about the extraordinary condition of the corals in Wakatobi.We can guarantee that you will enjoy some great diving there.

The archipelago of the Togians is located in the large Tomini bay sheltered from the wind and the swell. There are 4 main islands of volcanic origin and many islets , this is the only place in the world where the three types of reef: the barrier reef, atoll and fringing reef can be found in one place.

The exceptional diversity of corals is a specificity of the Togians. Most of the islands are covered in tropical rainforest and village development and tourism is still extremely limited.

Around the island of Una- Una, the sponges size and diversity of shapes are outstanding , probably the largest diversity in the world . Fish density is also great: schools of jacks and barracudas, hump head parrot, many wrasses, groupers and of course all reef fish.

Other sites of the archipelago include beautiful falls with crevices and overhangs, drys, rock formations, coral gardens, offering a wide variety of spectacular marine landscapes. Pelagic life is present on some spots with schools of jacks, tunas, eagles and mobile rays, reef sharks and occasionally hammerheads .

You will also visit the virtually intact wreck of a B24 bomber of the Second World War . Based on a 18 metres deep seabed, it became a sanctuary for hundreds of jacks and many other underwater creatures.

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