A wonderful country that will bewitch you with its rich culture, its picturesque landscapes, its white sand beaches and clear blue waters, its tasty refined cuisine and most of all its people, the smiling friendly Thais who are reknown worldwide for their kindness.

A perfect destination for adventure seekers that enjoy discovering hidden natural gems and the rich local flora and fauna.

And for ocean lovers like us, Thailand means diversity. Bordered by the Andaman Sea a part of the Indian Ocean on one side and by the Gulf of Thailand a part of the Pacific Ocean on the other side, the South of Thailand and the Thai islands are great diving places where you will meet a great variety of pelagic and macrolife species.

Come with us to the "Land of Smiles" and discover the wonders of this magical country.

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Diving and culture tours

Similan and Khao Sok

Similan and Khao Sok

A marine tour and land adventure for diving-enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike. Cruise to the vast open seas around Richelieu Rock and Koh Bon, swim with pelagic fish and admire the macro life in... Read More about Similan and Khao Sok

From: 1208 EUR | 13 days


Similan Jungle and Beaches

Similan Jungle and Beaches

Cruise the Similan Islands and discover the open seas around Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon and Koh Tachai. Meet Asian elephants and discover the wildlife in Khao Sok. Soak up the sun on the white sand... Read More about Similan Jungle and Beaches

From: 1811 EUR | 18 days


Integral of Thailand - Andaman

Integral of Thailand - Andaman

Would you like to do it all? Here is one of our best sellers covering all of Thailand in 25 days this tour will take you through the central plains, the mountains of the North and the Golden Triangle... Read More about Integral of Thailand - Andaman

From: 3402 EUR | 25 days


Integral of Thailand - Gulf of Siam

Integral of Thailand - Gulf of Siam

Would you like to do it all? Here is the "Summer version" of one of our best sellers covering all of Thailand in 25 days this tour will take you through the central plains, the mountains of the North... Read More about Integral of Thailand - Gulf of Siam

From: 3307 EUR | 25 days


Dive Training on Koh Tao

Dive Training on Koh Tao

Go on this dive training tour to discover the underwater world in Thaildan with an Open Water course on the island of Koh Tao. Followed by a visit of Koh Samui where you will perfect your underwater... Read More about Dive Training on Koh Tao

From: 1811 EUR | 14 days | Period: February to October


100% Siam Adventures

100% Siam Adventures

A tour specially designed for thrill seekers. Cycle through Bangkok, Kayak on the River Kwai, Wakeboard in Hua Hin, Dive or Kitesurf in Chumphon... Discover some of Thailand’s rich history with... Read More about 100% Siam Adventures

From: 1540 EUR | 12 days


Thailand - Off the beaten tracks

Thailand - Off the beaten tracks

An exclusive Water of Asia adventure. Discover Bangkok, its fantastic temples, klongs and nightlife, travel to Kanchanaburi to discover beautiful landscapes and WWII historical sites. Live a children... Read More about Thailand - Off the beaten tracks

From: 1436 EUR | 15 days

Diving cruise

MV Bunmee 2 - Hin Daeng

MV Bunmee 2 - Hin Daeng (Hin Daeng - Hin Muang)

M/Y BUNMEE 2 has been completely refurbished in 2006 so that it can accomodate up to 14 passengers in a spacious and comfortable setting with 6 large double cabin and one triple that can be adapted to... Read More about MV Bunmee 2 - Hin Daeng

From: 440 EUR | 5 days


MV Bunmee 2 - Similan

MV Bunmee 2 - Similan (Similan & Surin)

M/Y BUNMEE 2 has been completely refurbished in 2006 so that it can accomodate up to 14 passengers in a spacious and comfortable setting with 6 large double cabin and one triple that can be adapted to... Read More about MV Bunmee 2 - Similan

From: 608 EUR | 5 days


MV Panunee - Similan

MV Panunee - Similan (Similan & Surin)

The MV Panunee is a 32m long steel luxury cruise boat fitted for diving with 9 cabins with shared bathrooms and 2 Queen size bed cabins with private bathrooms. The boat can accomodate 20 divers or 22... Read More about MV Panunee - Similan

From: 965 EUR | 6 days


MV Peter Pan - Hin Daeng

MV Peter Pan - Hin Daeng (Hin Daeng - Hin Muang)

MV Peter Pan is a boat designed by divers for divers, it offers practical comfort and superior accommodation for the divers' much needed resting time. Security and comfort are the MV Peter Pan main... Read More about MV Peter Pan - Hin Daeng

From: 452 EUR | 5 days


MV Peter Pan - Similan

MV Peter Pan - Similan (Similan & Surin)

MV Peter Pan is a boat designed by divers for divers, it offers practical comfort and superior accommodation for the divers' much needed resting time. Security and comfort are the MV Peter Pan main... Read More about MV Peter Pan - Similan

From: 452 EUR | 5 days


MV Pawara - Similan

MV Pawara - Similan (Similan & Surin)

The MV Pawara offers regular 4 days / 4 nights trip to the Similan islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock. Each trip includes 14 dives on sites that are amongst the best diving sites in the... Read More about MV Pawara - Similan

From: 675 EUR | 4 days


MV The Junk - Similan

MV The Junk - Similan (Similan & Surin)

The Hong Chian Lee Junk was built in Penang, Malaysia. Built in 1962 to transport charcoal, the Hong Chian Lee Junk was part of a merchant fleet operating from Malaysia to the Burmese coast. She was... Read More about MV The Junk - Similan

From: 1009 EUR | 7 days


MV White Manta - Similan

MV White Manta - Similan (Similan & Surin)

You may know the first MV White Manta let us introduce its big brother the MV White Manta "New" which has been launched in April 2011. She is a 36 metres long steel yacht sailing from November to... Read More about MV White Manta - Similan

From: 576 EUR | 5 days

Family tours

Thailand with the Family

Thailand with the Family

A family tour that will thrill the kids and give the parents a break. In 16 days you will live at the rhythm of Southern Thailand. Have adventures, sleep above water and in the trees, ride elephants... Read More about Thailand with the Family

From: 769 EUR | 16 days


Thailand - Family Gulf side

Thailand - Family Gulf side

Water of Asia offers this new Thailand tour mixing culture and activities for all the family. Visit Bangkok with a Tuk tuk and on a bike. Discover Ayutthaya and its temples, Kanchanaburi and its... Read More about Thailand - Family Gulf side

From: 1035 EUR | 15 days


Thailand - Family Gold

Thailand - Family Gold

An exceptional tour to discover Thailand with your family between March and June. Go on an adventure with your family, learn about Thai culture in Bangkok visiting its temples and the famous Thonburi... Read More about Thailand - Family Gold

From: 782 EUR | 14 days


Thailand - Family and Nature

Thailand - Family and Nature

This tour will delight families, fans of adventure, discovery and extraordinary landscapes. This off the beaten tracks journey will take you to discover the fascinating Phang Nga Bay and its islands... Read More about Thailand - Family and Nature

From: 1254 EUR | 14 days


Andaman Honeymoon

Andaman Honeymoon

Discover Bangkok, the City of Angels, a magical place with stunning temples and vibrant nightlife. Koh PhiPhi, on of the Andaman Sea paradise islands with romantic beaches and world-class dives with... Read More about Andaman Honeymoon

From: 3209 EUR | 13 days | Period: From October to April


Honeymoon Escape

Honeymoon Escape

An Adventurous and Cultural Honeymoon that will take you to Thailand’s central plains, the long forgotten temples of Angkor and to one of the Gulf of Thailand's paradise islands. Relive some... Read More about Honeymoon Escape

From: 4070 EUR | 16 days


Thailand - At the world's end

Thailand - At the world's end

A special tour for newlyweds seeking to add some adventure to their honeymoon Travel Thailand away from the beaten track, find Thai nature both in and out of the water – just the two of you! Stay... Read More about Thailand - At the world's end

From: 3542 EUR | 14 days | Period: November to April

Land tours

Essential Thailand

Essential Thailand

Discover Thailand with all your senses. A magical journey to the land of smiles that will take you on the traces of Kings and mythical cities. Bring the best stories back to life with our English... Read More about Essential Thailand

From: 1417 EUR | 12 days


The History of West Thailand

The History of West Thailand

This is our “Historic" tour. Travel in Thailand; discover the wonders and temples of Bangkok. Kanchanaburi, follow in the footsteps of the 2nd World War, sleep in a boutique bivouac camp on the... Read More about The History of West Thailand

From: 1586 EUR | 12 days


Thailand - The easy way

Thailand - The easy way

Discover Bangkok, its fantastic temples, klongs and nightlife before heading to Hua Hin, the Thai Royal family’s favorite getaway. With its big fine sand beach, Hua Hin is a perfect retreat for... Read More about Thailand - The easy way

From: 276 EUR | 10 days


Thailand - Culture and beaches

Thailand - Culture and beaches (Gulf of Thailand)

The best of central Thailande, discover the capital Bangkok, its temples, klongs and nightlife before heading to Kanchanaburi to discover the beautiful nature that surrounds it and to learn more about... Read More about Thailand - Culture and beaches

From: 788 EUR | 15 days


Useful info | Dive info

Useful info


Thailand Standard time is GMT +7. Thailand does not observe daylight savings.

Flying time

12 hours direct and from 15hours if you have a stop.


Visitors must hold a full 10-year passport, with at least 6 months validity remaining at the point of return, for entry into Thailand. 

A 30 days visa on arrival is given to tourist from countries such as the UK, US, France, Germany, Spain. You can find the full list of countries for which this rule applies or not on the following website Visit Thai embassy

Visitors wishing to stay on longer than 30 days need to apply for a longer visa at their local Thai embassy before departure.


Thailand, the only Southeast Asian nation never to have been colonized by European powers, is a constitutional monarchy whose current head of state is HM Bhumibol Adulyadej. A unified Thai kingdom has existed since the mid-14th century, and Thailand was known as Siam until 1939 when it officially became the Kingdom of Thailand.


Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, not dissimilar to England’s, whereby an elected Prime Minister is authorized to be the head of government and a hereditary Thai King is head of state. The constitution of Thailand allows for the people of Thailand to democratically elect their leaders in the form of a parliament, with a bicameral legislature consisting of a Senate and House of Representatives, and executive authority in the hands of the Prime Minister. A Judiciary, overseen by the Supreme Court, was designed to act independently of the executive and the legislature.


There are approximately 65 million people living in Thailand population, the majority of whom are ethnically Thai but there are also large Chinese, Indian, Malay, Mon, Khmer, Burmese, and Lao communities present in varying degrees in parts of the country. There are about 7 million people living in the capital city of Bangkok but this number tends to vary. A large number of expratriates from all over the world have also settled in Thailand. Buddhism is the main religion but there is also a large Muslim community living in the South by the Malaysian border.


More than 92% of the population speaks Thai or one of its regional dialects. While the Thai language is the official language in Thailand, as a result of its cosmopolitan capital city and established tourism infrastructure, English is spoken and understood throughout most of Thailand.


The economy of Thailand is reliant on exports, which account for 60% of Thailand’s approximately US$ 200 billion GDP. The economy of Thailand is the 2nd largest in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s exports consist primarily of agricultural products including fish and rice, of which it is the largest exporter in the world, as well as textiles, rubber, automobiles, computers and other electronic appliances, and jewellery. While one of the premier tourist destinations in the world, Thailand relies on tourism to provide only 7 % of its GDP.


Thailand is the 51st largest country in the world; most nearly equal in size to Spain. Located just 15 degrees north of the equator, Thailand has a tropical climate and temperatures typically range from 19 to 38 degrees C (66-100 F). Thailand’s largest peak, Doi Inthanon, is 2,565 meters (8,415 ft) tall. Thailand covers 510,890 sq km of land and 2,230 sq km of water. The coastline of Thailand is 3,219 km long. Thailand’s longest shared border is with Myanmar (Burma), stretching 1,800 km.


The climate in Thailand depends on the monsoon there are three seasons in the North, North East and the Centre where changes in temperatures can be fairly high. There are only two seasons in the South, the dry and the wet seasons with an average temperature of 29°C/84,2°F all year round.

The dry season is between November and March with cooler temperatures than during the wet season.

The monsoon in Thailand is not the constant downpour you may expect it is more an unpredictable weather with rain falling mainly at night time, during the day rain falls will usually last 20 to 30 minutes before the sun comes back.

Bank holidays

1 Jan: New Year’s Day

Feb-Mar: Makha Bucha Day: Buddhist holiday on full moon of fourth lunar month. 

6 Apr: Chakri Memorial Day: Honoring the dynasty of the reigning royal family. 

13-15 April: Songran, Thai new years celebration. 

May: Royal Ploughing Ceremony: To honor farming season; date determined by royal astrologer 

May: Visakha Bucha: Buddhist holiday on full moon of the 6th lunar month. 

1 May: Labor Day 

5 May: Coronation Day: Commemorating the coronation of present King of Thailand. 

July: Asanha Bucha Day: Buddhist Holiday on full moon of 8th lunar month Vassa: beginning of Buddhist lent on first waning moon of 8th lunar month 

12 Aug: Queen’s Birthday-Mothers Day 

23 Oct: Chulalongkorn Day: Honoring a former King of Thailand. 

Nov: Loy Kratong

5 Dec: King’s Birthday-Father’s Day 

10 Dec: Constitution Day: celebrating the kingdom’s first constitution. 

31 Dec: New Year’s Eve Other important holidays: 

Jan: Chinese New Year


The currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht, it comes in both coins and banknotes. The coins and bills size increases with value and varies in color. Thai banks are generally open Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm but certain banks open on Saturday morning. 

Bureau de change are open considerably longer hours in Bangkok and other tourist destinations and ATMs are widely available except in more remote places such as small islands.

You can check  the actual exchange rate with your bank or on websites such as

Traveller cheques / Credit card

Traveller cheques in US dollars or in euros can easily be exchanged in all the local banks and in bureau de change. Hotels will charge you extra to change money and will not always accept traveller cheques.

International credit and debit cards (Visa, American Express, Diners, Mastercard) can be used in most banks and commercial outlets (shops, hotels, restaurants) but banks charges might be quite high when paying small amounts so it is often preferable to withdraw some cash to pay for daily expenses. Please check with your bank for more details.


There are countless shopping malls and markets in Thailand it is a shopper’s paradise. Prices are cheap but haggling is part of the game however bear in mind that what is only 1£/$ for you represents a lot for a Thai person so be fair when you negotiate. You can find everything here from the comfortable Asian style lose clothes that will keep mosquitos away to the more fashionable items in places like Bangkok. Do not pack too much before coming as you will need space later!


Medical services

There are very good public and private health services in the provincial capitals and in the touristic places. In case of emergency, patients or injured people will be taken to relevant hospital.

Vaccinations and health regulations

There are no required vaccines to enter Thailand except for people travelling from epidemic areas.

A Yellow fever vaccine is compulsory for people travelling from the following countries: Angola, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, Soudan, Zaïre.

We recommend that you check before departure if any new health regulation comes in place. We also strongly advised that you check with your DOCTOR if you require any vaccine before leaving.


You will find everything you need in Thailand and at a cheaper price. If you like you can however bring some essentials with you such as bio sun screen, anti-diarrhea medication, aspirin, ect…


Do not drink tap water while travelling in South East Asia, bottled water is readily available everywhere. Keep in mind that you are in a tropical climate and that you should thus drink about 2 to 3 litres more than usual.


Most travellers will experience it during their holiday, a change of climate, of food and water is enough to catch it however most of the time it will just go after a few trips to the toilet. You can take some anti-diarrheic tablets. Don’t forget to drink a lot if this happens to prevent dehydration.


There are unfortunately part of any holiday in a hot country. To best protect yourself, it is advised to wear lose and covering clothes or to use mosquito sprays. You can buy mosquito repellents back home but there are some very good natural ones available in Thailand. Eating the local food rich in garlic and chillies will also help.

At night sleep under a mosquito net if the place where you stay is not protected enough, a fan over your bed will also keep them at bay.

Malaria pills are not compulsory when travelling in Thailand most of all in the South, talk with your doctor before leaving. The Dengue fever is also present in the country, it is mainly carried by daytime mosquitoes, most of the time people will have a high fever for a few days before it is gone. Strong complications are rare. People who had dengue fever are considered to be immune after but this might change.

Other useful information

Telephone and Internet

The Thai phone system is both modern and widespread, with comprehensive coverage for cell phones and reliable pay phones found throughout the kingdom. Purchasing a second-hand Thai phone is inexpensive and convenient, and calling from Thailand on a public phone is easy with a phone card available at most convenience stores. Emergency numbers are often three or four digit numbers, including Tourist Police, which is 1155. Wifi is now available in most places except from remote less developed areas.

Post Office

The Thailand postal service is efficient and reliable with branches in most major towns throughout the Kingdom. Thailand post offices are open M-F 8am-4:30pm and Sa-Su 9am-1pm. However, The Central GPO in Bangkok, located on New Road, is open until 6pm M-F and Sa-Su 9am-1pm. All Thai post offices are closed on public holidays, though most major hotels can arrange to mail letters and parcels on your behalf. In addition to domestic and international mail services, both land and air, standard and registered, the Thailand postal service also provides a telegram service.

Weights and Measures

Thailand uses the metric system for all weights and measurements, with the exception for area, which Thais divide into wa and rai.


Electrical outlets in Thailand are charged to 220v at 50 cycles per second, which is compatible with appliances from the U.K. but not those from the US and many other nations. While most computer cables have adaptors for voltage, visitors from the U.S. and those not on the 220/50 v. will have to bring adapters to run most other appliances. Outlets in Thailand generally feature flat, two pronged plugs, though some feature holes for round plug ends. Few outlets feature three holes (grounded outlets) so it is often necessary to have a three to two prong adapter for using notebook computers in Thailand.

Opening times

Most shops are open 12 hours, 6 to 7 days a week 

Official services are open Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 16h30, Banks usually close at 15.30.


Dive info

General information

We will ask for your diving certificate upon arrival in the diving centres. Please don’t forget it! For the PADI certified divers, It should be possible to check your certification online with your name and date of birth.

Diving and Health

Diving requires to be in good health so please consult your GP before leaving. If needed, numerous decompression chambers are available in Thailand.


You need an insurance to practice diving, we recommend that you take a diving insurance before your departure such as Divers Alert Network or Dive Master Insurance.


For obvious baggage weight issues, we recommend that you do not travel with your own weights or bottles. The equipment we provide is of good quality and is regularly checked. We use Scubapro, Aqualungs, Apex. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

Due to the comfortable water temperature, it is not necessary for you to take a wetsuit thicker than 3mm unless you practice TEC diving.

Most international airlines give you a 20 to 23 kilos baggage allowance + 8 kilos in cabin and will charge for overweight and sport equipment.


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